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A Forestful Evening
My name is Lilly and I am here to tell you the story of Halloween. Last year. At midnight. With my four best friends. Monica, Ella, and Cami are my best friends forever. We love to have fun together and do what girls love to do best; chit-chat. These best friends of mine come over every single year to go trick-or-treating in my neighborhood. This year we all dressed up as aerobics instructors from the '80s. Each best friend has a totally different personality. Ella, the fierce, outgoing one, loves an intense adventure. Monica is a bit of a "know-it-all" and always has to be right. Cami, on the other hand, is a great friend who knows what she wants, but likes to compromise. And then there's me. I guess you could say that I'm the party girl who loves a late night. At our slumber parties, I'm the one who stays up all night having a dance party, as the other girls sleep tirelessly. Well, enough about my best friends and I. Let's talk about Halloween night.