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How to make a turkey sandwich.

Have you ever woke up late in the morning and rushed to get to school? Have you ever needed ideas for making the best school lunch? This turkey sandwhich recipe will give you exactly what you need to make a super fab sandwhich. Whether you make this turkey sandwhich for a school lunch, or even just for fun, follow these easy steps to delight!

Before you begin creating a turkey sandwhich, take out all of the necessary materials. You will need two slices of bread, five slices of deli turkey, mayonaise or mustard, a plate and knife, and any other ingredients (tomato, lettuce) to make your sandwhich fab!
Next, pop the two slices of bread into the toaster! Toast them to your delight! Remember to be very careful when removing the toasted bread from the toaster because it may be hot!
Take the knife and stick it inside of the mayonaise. Spread the mayonaise evenly onto only one slice of bread. Do the same thing if you prefer using mustard. Ignore this step if you do not plan on putting mayonaise or mustard on your yummy sandwich.
Now it's turkey time! Grab the slices of turkey and neatly place them on the slice of bread that contains the mayonaise. Voila!
Do you like lettuce, tomato, or onion? If so, follow this next step! Be sure to have adult supervision before using a knife! When an adult is watching, take the knife and slice the tomato vertically into thin slices. You may want to ask the adult to do this step for you! If you like lettuce, then chop it horizontally into straight rows. Do the same with the onion.
Now, take the second piece of bread and put it on top of the other half of the sandwich. Take the knife and carefully cut down the center of the sandwich to make two halfs.
Yay! Finally your delicious sandwich is ready to eat, or save for lunchtime! Enjoy!
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