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Healthy Foods Win the Race

Healthy eating is a very important part of living life to your best abilities! Eating healthy gives you more energy, boosts your mood, and helps keep you going...and going. Sometimes it is hard to eat healthy. Especially when others around you are eating delicious soft-serve icecream. But eating healthy foods definately pays off in the end. Very recently, I went to a restaurant with my dad. My dad is a "heath nut" so he ordered a chopped salad. But I wasn't very hungry so I got an icecream cone. When I was done eating my icecream I didn't feel very well. I was at a loss of energy and did not feel like moving around. However, after eating the salad, my dad had an energy boost! All of those healthy veggies in the salad such as lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and carrots provided health benefits for my dad's body. When consuming vegetables, it is important to eat dark green and orange vegetables. For instance, make sure to eat carrots, and spinach, and brocoli! But it is also good to eat other vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, and avocado. FRUITS FRUITS FRUITS! Fruits are deliciously sweet and have plent of nutritional value. Remember to eat lots of fruit, but limit yourself on fruit juices. Most fruit juices only contain about 5% juice; which is not beneficial for your body. Milk helps build strong bones; therefore you must drink three cups of non-fat or low-fat milk a day in order to maintain healthy bone mass. Now, lets discuss grains. When eating bread or crackers look for WHOLE grains because whole grains are better than regular grains. Always vary your meat choices and eat more fish, beans, nuts, and seeds. The next time you walk into a restaurant, think to yourself; "would I rather eat unhealthy and face the consequences in the future, or eat healthy and feel amazing!"

What am I even eating?

The bell rings and it is lunchtime at school! You walk into the cafeteria with your best friends by your side. Right when you take a seat, you empty the contents of you lunchbag. Today, your lunch consists of a tuna sandwich, cheetos, an apple, and pudding. Let's discuss the cheetos. Cheetos and other junk food contain unusual, unheard of, and just plain WEIRD ingredients. Let's take a closer look! Have you ever heard of "monosodium glutamate"? Me neither. Actually, Monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG, is used in food to enhance flavoring. Fruit and vegetables don't need MSG! And do you know why? BECAUSE THEY ARE EXTREMELY FLAVORFUL! Junk food companies add plenty of unatural ingredients such as disodium phosphate. Who needs disodium phosphate? All it does is quicken the cook time and it's an anti-caking additive. EAT SOME NATURAL FOOD!


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