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The Sky is the Limit


Classes at Hoover

The Classes at Hoover

Here at Hoover, there are an extreme number of opportunities! Each day there are seven classes. Each class is 45 minutes long. In sixth grade, classes consist of english, math, social studies, science, reading, P.E, and elective. There are more options of electives as you grow older! Once you are in eighth grade, there are over fifty choices! Whoa! But for now, the electives consist of art, music, study skills and drama. Or you may take band or orchestra. There are four marking periods, therefore the school year is divided into four parts. Grades are quite important! Aim for honor roll or even principle's list! Straight A's are the best! As long as you pay attention in class and complete your assignments, you will SUCCEED! For one quarter a school year, you take health class instead of P.E. During the other three quarters when you take P.E. class, you must change for gym in the locker rooms. Classes are fun and teachers are great! Enjoy your time at this lovely school! THE SKY IS THE LIMIT here at Hoover.